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Platformatics is a Bloomington, Indiana-based tech company founded by several experienced Silicon Valley innovators. Our mission is to transform commercial lighting through innovative hardware and software applications that improve productivity and comfort, beautify environments, and conserve energy for building owners, operators, and tenants.

  • Matt Laherty

    Matt Laherty, President

    Matt Laherty is a visionary leader, innovator, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of Silicon Valley product and market development experience. Mr. Laherty is the CEO of Platformatics, a technology company that specializes in lighting controls and commercial building IoT applications. Platformatics creates beautiful environments through intelligent applications.

    Prior to founding Platformatics, Mr. Laherty was the creator and leader of Cisco Systems’ Digital Ceiling program. Matt spent 15 years at Cisco where he developed numerous new products, features, and strategies that helped the company pursue opportunities in several markets including PoE, the smart grid, smart buildings, and lighting. Mr. Laherty launched Cisco’s first IEEE compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) product and named the technology in 2003. After departing the LAN switching team, Mr. Laherty conceived and led Cisco’s EnergyWise program. Matt has numerous patents in energy, Power over Ethernet and lighting. Mr. Laherty is passionate about helping customers solve complex problems with simple solutions that improve their condition by saving money and conserving energy.

  • Mike Siefer

    Mike Siefer, Chief Technology Officer

    Mike Siefer has a passion for driving customer success through the application of technology to solve real world business needs. With 25 years experience in communications and networking, including 20 years with Cisco Systems, Siefer provides broad knowledge and strong leadership as the CTO of Platformatics. Throughout his career in product development, field engineering, and corporate engineering, he has been instrumental in combining numerous technologies to provide innovative, high value solutions.

    Siefer has been a pioneer in developing robust communications and embedded controls for harsh industrial environments. This experience has carried forward into energy management and building automation with solutions such as Cisco’s EnergyWise and Light as a Service based on Power over Ethernet technology. Siefer has also contributed to the communications community through contributions into multiple industry standards organizations.

    Siefer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Valparaiso University and is a member of IEEE since pursuing a career in electrical engineering. He resides in Bremen, Indiana and enjoys traveling and exploring the country off road with his family

  • Joan Niemi Evers

    Joan Niemi Evers, Chief Financial Officer

    Joan Niemi Evers joined the team with 17 years of financial experience. Her skills in financial management, strategic planning and operations will provide Platformatics with a sound foundation in its high growth phase.

    Evers spent 13 years at Cisco Systems and held a variety of roles in Corporate Finance and in Engineering finance organizations. She has also worked at Blue Coat Systems, Genentech, Clorox and Compaq Computers. Evers has a strong track record in team building, analytics, process definition, and improvement. She is known for delivering results and being an outstanding business partner.

    Evers holds an MBA in Finance from Indiana University and a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan. She lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with her husband and children. When not playing her role as finance leader she trains for long distance triathlons, builds a wine collection, and travels the world with her family.

  • Craig Getchell

    Craig Getchell, Director of Sales

    Craig is commencing his 15th year in the intelligent building industry and over 20 years in enterprise technology solutions. Before founding Getchell Consulting in September 2006, Mr. Getchell led the initiatives into the construction and real estate verticals for ShoreGroup LLC and Siemens Secure Enterprise Networks. As a contracted consultant, Craig lead the delivery for Smart and Connected Real Estate services as part of the Cisco Consulting Services practice in North America between 2008 and 2015.

    After owning his own intelligent building consulting firm that specialized in the implantation of converged IP buildings for 10 years, Craig has become a sales director at Platformatics. Craig is managing the sales efforts in support of the Platformatics intelligent building approach.

    Craig specializes in IP technologies for base building systems and is the author of the Master Technology Planning process for Real Estate. His experience spans over 100 commercial office, hospitals, manufacturing, retail, and residential projects from 150K to several million sq. ft. These projects have been located in the United States, Canada, and South America. As an industry leader Craig developed several successful methodologies for implementing new ideas and technology into the traditional construction vertical.

    Craig’s designs have been awarded with USGBA LEED innovation credits and the Realcomm Digital Impact award.

    Mr. Getchell is a former member of the United States Army and currently resides in Whitehall PA.

We proudly source all of our products from manufacturers within the United States.

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