A Little Background on Platformatics

The Platformatics team is creating a platform for IoT application innovation.  We’re building solutions that enable us to serve as the Master System Integrators’ Master System Integrator.  Our purpose is to make it easy for IT and Electrical System Integrators (those folks you see driving ladder topped white vans) to design, build and operate commercial buildings, by giving them better tools and flexible software systems that enable the simple addition of future applications.

Since launching the first Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch at Cisco in 2003, I’ve met with thousands of customers and technology companies who shared their operational challenges and ideas for creating smarter buildings, smarter cities and a better world.  In 2006, I created Cisco EnergyWise to help customers convert their network into a control plane for energy management.  In 2008, my team worked with the US Department of Energy and several dozen companies to create the smart load side of the smart grid.  In 2009 I formed a team to transform the way customers install and operate commercial lighting (now called Cisco Smart+Connected Indoor Lighting).  In 2014, I departed Cisco to launch Platformatics because I saw an opportunity to create numerous applications that leverage the network—applications that traditional lighting and BMS companies were unable or unwilling to build.

Why Platformatics? 

Names are important.  They provide people and things with short labels.  Over time, the labels are infused with meaning.  A long standing company name takes on the meaning or perception of its brand.  Names that exist for decades remain because they have positive equity.  These are companies that have a history of quality products (and usually sound management).  Sometimes a company name is taken from the founder.  Sometimes it’s a word used to describe a product or significant attribute.

Platformatics is a combination of Platform and Informatics.  A platform supports things.  In our case, it supports numerous business relevant applications.  Informatics is the study of disparate data converted into actionable information.  For instance, when we use temperature and humidity sensing to provide a room comfort score, we can show building tenants and owners which rooms perform as expected and which do not.  Platformatics is a platform for informatics.

Why Start a Company in Indiana?

Though I spent 14 years living and working in Silicon Valley, as a native Hoosier (someone who lives in Indiana), I have always considered the state my home.  Several years ago, while working for Cisco in San Jose, I had an opportunity to relocate my family to a small Indiana college town.  Coincidentally, several of my Cisco co-workers were already based in the state.  Once you learn to work globally and deliver results, where you live matters not.  Fortunately, Indiana is home to some of the greatest engineering, business and manufacturing talent in the county.  This has allowed us to design and manufacture nearly all of our products in the state.  It is also a great place to live, work and innovate!