Understand lighting basics (photons and foot candles)

The Powerpoint attached is an aid to understanding foot candles in relation to lighting.

Understand lighting basics (photons and foot candles)

Now Shipping: Platformatics Software V1.1

I’m proud to announce that Platformatics has released the latest version of LOIP™ (Light over IP) Software!   The newest version of code supports a wide variety of light fixtures and sensors necessary to operate a code compliant building.  PAC software V1.1 supports the Design Light Consortium’s NETWORKED LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM SPECIFICATION V1.0.  The specification requires features such as the ability cap light output (high end trim)...

Platformatics – FSU Research Partnership

Dr. Clayton Slaughter, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, and Zack McIntosh, Marketing Manager, guest lectured for Florida State University’s School of Theatre course on Electricity taught by Assistant Professor James Lile.  The presentation focused on the future of PoE (Power over Ethernet) driven LED lighting in all types of entertainment venues.  The key take home messages for students about the future of PoE entertainment lighti...