Platformatics – FSU Research Partnership

Dr. Clayton Slaughter, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, and Zack McIntosh, Marketing Manager, guest lectured for Florida State University’s School of Theatre course on Electricity taught by Assistant Professor James Lile.  The presentation focused on the future of PoE (Power over Ethernet) driven LED lighting in all types of entertainment venues.  The key take home messages for students about the future of PoE entertainment lighting are that it provides:

  • Single cable control and power
  • Increased energy savings over traditional lamps and fixtures
  • Quicker installation and greater flexibility
  • Color and white light control in over 16 million color hues
  • Reduced weight of fixtures, wires, and components
  • Safer working conditions – low voltage


Dr. Slaughter is working with Assistant Professor Lile on a PoE LED practicum course for the 2016 fall semester that will allows students in Theatre, Computer Science, and Engineering to work directly with Platformatics’ current suite of software and hardware to solve problems in the entertainment lighting industry.  Through this partnership students will also be supported in creating new software and hardware to solve emerging issues and better harness the possibilities of PoE.

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