B-Tech Reduced Lighting Electric Use Over 70%

B-Tech Reduced Lighting Electric Use Over 70%

In the spring of 2015, B-Tech CEO, Aaron Breeden, reviewed new lighting systems for an office remodel.  B-Tech was interested in upgrading their legacy T8 fluorescent tubes to LEDs.  B-Tech’s goal was to improve the lighting quality and provide a healthy and productive work environment for their employees and executives, as well as, reduce energy use. While conducting research on the benefits of LEDs, Breeden contacted Platformatics to explore how our products could solve his business needs.  After a demonstration, B-Tech moved forward with a pilot installation.

The project reduced electricity for lighting by 71 percent — and the light quality far exceeded the fluorescent system it replaced.  The new LED lighting system was comprised of a Platformatics’ Area Controller, nodes and 2×4’ LED Troffers.  The system was powered by a Cisco Catalyst 3850 UPoE Ethernet Switch.  The 2×4 lights each consumed 43 Watts.  The T8s contained 4 32 Watt tubes.  When measured at the ballast, they consumed just over 150 Watts each.  Even worse, the lights could not be dimmed.

With advanced occupancy monitoring, B-Tech expects to cut energy use by another 33 percent.  When combined with the reduction in HVAC loads during hot days (less energy used by lights reduces air conditioning loads) Breeden expects to cut his electric bill by 80 percent!

Looking forward, Breeden expects to eliminate lamp and ballast replacements.  With clean stable power from the Cisco Catalyst switch, the Platformatics’ lighting nodes will provide years of reliable operation.

According to Breeden, “The light output is absolutely awesome and the highly flexible Platformatics system makes reconfiguration and personal control simple.”

As a technology system integrator, B-Tech recognizes there’s more value than simple white light.  By using a Platformatics application solution and Cisco’s Catalyst infrastructure, they plan to offer numerous advanced building solutions.

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