KIB Electronics: From Partner to Customer

“We’re seeing massive reductions of 80 to 85% from our lighting energy bill.”

KIB Electronics is a customer-focused electronics manufacturing company in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry. The company was founded by Mike Hoover in 1975. Over the years, KIB has worked with numerous RV industry leaders to help him develop new tech-driven solutions to end customer problems. For over 30 years, KIB has leveraged their creative problem-solving skills,  collaboration, and strong customer focus to expand into other product markets.

Two years ago, KIB Electronics began working with Platformatics, an Internet of Things innovation leader, to help the company develop a line of Power Over Ethernet nodes, wall switches, and sensor hubs.

KIB not only partnered with Platformatics for manufacturing, but they also became an early customer.

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KIB Case Study- From Partner to Customer