Press Release: Platformatics is First to Market with POE Emergency Lights

Platformatics is First to Market with POE Emergency Lights

February 6, 2017 – Bloomington, Ind. Platformatics created the first Power Over Ethernet (POE) solution for emergency lighting.  With the addition of emergency lighting options, Platformatics provides customers with a way to migrate new lighting installations to a Power over Ethernet system.  Until now, customers still had to retain AC circuits to power antiquated emergency lights.  The new emergency lighting nodes enable customers to add maintained and emergency exit lights to their Platformatics PoE Lighting system.  Emergency lights are quickly connected and configured using the Platformatics Area Controller software.

“It’s the first of its kind,” says Joe Deckard, Business Development Manager for Platformatics. “We were the first company to design, build and certify product to the UL924 spec.  As the first company to navigate the testing process, we worked closely with great folks at UL.  It was an honor to be part of this historic technology transition.”

Platformatics Chief Technology Officer, Mike Siefer, says it is a requirement for every commercial building and public space to have emergency and egress lighting in the event of a power failure or other emergency.

“With our system,” he says, “we have the ability to provide both types of lighting so we have what is referred to as a ‘maintained light’ versus the traditional light fixture.”

Not only does the system provide emergency and egress lighting, but it also monitors and tests battery life in the case of a power failure. Siefer explains the old process most commercial office spaces used to test their systems required a person to check each light fixture manually.

“With the Platformatics system, now we can do all testing automatically through software. It can take place when no one is in the building so it isn’t invasive. It removes the human element as well as labor costs,” says Siefer.

“We can power the emergency lights and monitor them through a managed service,” says Joe Deckard, Business Development Manager for Platformatics. “Through predictive analytics we can record how many cycles the battery has gone through, how they perform, and forecast when a battery backup fails.”

Since emergency lighting is a building code requirement, the Platformatics solution is applicable to hospitals, schools, commercial office buildings, and any other public building. The emergency lighting application combined with the entire Platformatics POE lighting solution saves customers time, energy, and money while providing better access to manageable data and safer environments.

“We now provide an end to end solution for the customer for both their normal illumination as well as their emergency lighting systems,” says Siefer. “It prevents customers from building a separate infrastructure to support when we can do it all within our POE infrastructure. It really is a key differentiator between Platformatics and our competitors.”

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