Press Release: Launch Fishers IoT Lab

Internet of Things company Platformatics, Inc. joined The Hoosier State’s first IoT Lab

February 23, 2017 – Fishers, Ind. – Bloomington-based Internet of Things (IoT) company Platformatics, Inc joined John Wechsler and Governor Holcomb as a founding member of Indiana’s first IoT Lab at a Launch Fishers event in Fishers, Indiana on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

Platformatics, along with Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb and other technology leaders, supported Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness as he announced the formation of the Indiana IoT Lab-Fishers. The lab is designed to combine a critical mass of innovators, entrepreneurs, and those impacted by IoT technologies. The facility will provide them with a co-working environment especially suited for IoT people, companies, and industries. The Indiana IoT Lab-Fishers is the starting point for a larger, statewide IoT Labs Network.

Founder and CEO of Launch Fishers, John Wechsler, is leading the IoT Labs initiative. Wechsler says it is important to offer this space today for innovators.

“What we’re most excited about is being able to create a space for our entrepreneurs working on IoT products to come together, much in the way co-working throughout the state supports entrepreneurs and innovators. We are creating a space that is purpose-built to support the needs of the innovation-driven entrepreneur working on Internet of Things technology.”

He says this one facility tells a much broader, even global, story.

“What it means really is we have the first of its kind now. The idea is we want this to become a platform that can scale so as we start to build out other nodes on a network of IoT Labs you can take advantage of the disciplines that exist in each of those labs.”

Governor Holcomb speaks at the launch of Indiana’s first IoT Lab in Fishers, Ind.

Governor Holcomb said this newly created IoT Network is a necessary step to ensure the state continues to be a leader in innovation, invention, and ingenuity.

“The Internet of Things is where all these industries come together.  It is the hub, not just the future. It is now. And to do deny that is to deny your full potential so the State of Indiana is going to do all we can to come up alongside and partner and support as we have been in recent years.”

Platformatics’ President, Matt Laherty, explained the importance for startups to collaborate with one another to drive technology forward.

“There’s a lot of new technology and new solutions that come out of interactions between people who are being creative. So being part of Launch Fishers is extremely important. It allows us to connect with other innovators and other potential customers. It gives us a much bigger pallet to create new solutions.”

To learn more about Platformatics, contact us through
Indiana IoT Lab Network founding partners including Platformatics’ President, Matt Laherty.

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Press Release-Launch Fishers IoT Lab