Thank you Legrand and Superior Essex

Several weeks ago the Platformatics team helped Superior Essex and Legrand staff their booths at CiscoLive in Las Vegas. If you’re not familiar with CiscoLive, it’s a weeklong event where 30,000 Cisco customers, technology partners and related industry experts converge for training and meetings. The product expo alone would be a large event.

As a Cisco Digital Ceiling Partner, we were invited to help showcase innovation in lighting, sensors and software. We helped our partners demonstrate a complete lighting solution that included Platformatics’ software, nodes and lights connected via Superior Essex’s Powerwise cables and Legrand’s Ortronics connectors, racks and other cable management devices. The system also included several new tunable lights from Deltavation.

For a more thorough view of the Legrand booth, watch the short video below.

We want to say thank you to our hosts at Legrand and Superior Essex. It was a fantastic week!


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